our collection

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lending policy

Card holders can check out as many books as they want, for as long as they want, for free.

Checking out more than one book at a time is encouraged!

All books can be returned to F.L.O.W. at the Women’s Center for Creative Work.

They can also be mailed to us (our P.O. Box is inside each book and available on our contact page) or dropped off at any of our other current drop-off locations.


where to check out a book

Checking out books with F.L.O.W. is easy!

Go to any of the events that F.L.O.W. will be attending to browse our mobile collection.


Visit F.L.O.W.’s main branch at the WCCW Monday through Friday between 10am-6pm or during Sunday office hours.


collection policy

Our library collection aims to support readers from all backgrounds throughout their individual journeys with feminism. We believe that feminism is expansive and should be inclusive of a diversity of voices. We also build our collection in a way that does not define feminism for our patrons and, instead, functions as a tool for patrons to make their own choices about what feminism means to them.

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